Join G.I.M.P.

Are you one of us?

Do you:

  1. Own a rubber or leather suit (one-piece or combination of pieces) that covers your entire body, including the head, hands and feet?

  2. Desire to serve an Owner and obey their every command (within the bounds of safe, sane and consensual play)?

  3. Dream of being at the feet of a glorious Master or Mistress and offer your orifices willingly for their pleasure?

  4. Offer yourself for torment, titillation and objectification?

If you anwered yes to all the above questions, you might be a G.I.M.P.

Send in your information using the form for consideration.

Benefits of G.I.M.P. Membership

G.I.M.P. membership is free (for now) and entitles you to mostly nothing except the comraderie of other gimps and the satisfaction of knowing that you are a truly special creature worthy of torture and severe, extended bondage.

Future Plans

G.I.M.P. plans on conducting virtual meet-ups and potential in-person events in the future, and all members of G.I.M.P. are automatically invited. Stay tuned for announcements and gimptastic exploits!